US Gamblers Struggle to Find Good Mobile Phone Casinos

For some reason, the American voice has long had an affinity for the art of gambling. There’s no way to really explain the fascination we have for risking our own money to try and win some more of it, but ever since gambling was introduced here, Americans have always tried to use it to further their own agenda. However, in recent years, it would seem that mobile phone casinos have become scarcer than ever. For whatever reason, the number of mobile phone casinos appears to have decreased over the years. So where exactly can you go to find a casino like that in this day and age? Well, that’s what we’ll be discussing in this article.

In New Jersey, there’s a little-known place called Atlantic City, and they have no shortage of mobile phone casinos there. The most well-known pay by mobile casino there is called the Trump Taj Mahal. In addition to the casino, they also teamed up with Ultimate Gaming to establish a wide variety of voip online casinos which have since been shut down. There seems to be a distinct popularity to the art of gambling in New Jersey as their online gambling industry recently released their annual revenue report and indicated that they made more than $196 million in gambling revenue alone in 2016. This is almost a third more than the amount they made in 2015. They’ve also recently started getting into the sports gambling business as the supreme court legalized it.

Starting June 11, people were allowed to come from near and far to place their bets on any and all things related to athletics. However, it wasn’t until just a few days ago that properties were able to engage in mobile phone gambling with players. Online casinos have yet to make a splash in the great state of Pennsylvania. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not legal there. Less than a year ago, a law was passed legalizing any form of internet casino. This includes satellite casinos, sports gambling, video game terminals and even an online lottery. It’s not clear why they haven’t capitalized on this profitable endeavor yet, but I imagine they’re merely biding their time.

And then there’s Delaware. What’s interesting is not only are they the first state to come into existence, but they’re also the first state to legalize online gambling, about six years ago. However, it wasn’t until November of 2013 that they began capitalizing on this opportunity. They opened up three casinos in Delaware alongside a whole host of online gambling sites. So you can play blackjack, roulette, Texas hold ’em or whatever floats your boat. Surprisingly though, the market for gambling isn’t quite as big as you might think in Delaware. In 2016, they reported only generating a statewide gambling revenue of $3 million. Compare that to the data from New Jersey which made almost $197 million, and you’ll start to get a sense of just how small their market really is. However, it would seem that they are only the second state alongside Nevada to provide single-game sports gambling technology.

Of course, this was not long after the supreme court attempted to impose a nationwide ban on sports gambling. Before that case, Delaware’s internet protocol did actually offer football betting wherein people could bet on their favorite NFL teams. The supreme court reached their verdict on June 14 and, just a few weeks later, they began allowing gambling on various football games. So if you’re looking for a good pay by mobile casino, you can’t go wrong with Atlantic City, and there are also plenty of places to gamble throughout the great state of Delaware.