Slack’s growth means Microsoft is moving focus away from Skype

Microsoft is always creating new products for their customers that includes a new chat feature guaranteed to improve the way you communicate with technology. They understand how many start-up businesses and global professionals need to have a brilliant way to communicate with their all over the world. In fact, their commitment is to motivated advanced technology solutions that will improve the lives of all of their customers. In an effort to improve their live video chat, Microsoft has opted to replace the Skype network. Their efforts have been successful and have increased the number of users that use the Microsoft network.

Skype for business was once their most used video chat feature and was used by millions of users each year. As their corporation’s primary source for video chat, it was necessary to replace it immediately with a new platform. They are trying to deal with the Slack upstart in the business sector and have been one of the first to respond to a stabilized technology industry. They will continue to support Skype for business, but expect more users to gravitate towards the new Microsoft platform. Microsoft aims to be the primary go-to for all voice, video, and business conference call meetings.

It is very important for them to put their focus on the Office 365 platform. They have been able to transform the way people do business online with many advanced features which are chosen over their competitors 10 to 1. They expect the Slack network to far exceed their former Skype for business platform. You’ll find that Microsoft continues to remain competitive in a very diverse technological age. They will be offering their new Slack video chat feature within the next few months and are expected to increase their business revenue by $8 million with their new Slack video chat partnership.

The Slack platform will present opportunity and pride for their millions of users worldwide. This has been a strategic business move says, Vice President of Microsoft, Ron Markezich. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website to learn more about their new video chat feature from Slack.