Vaper’s Considered Annoying When Using Headset Microphone

It was Monday morning and the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed. I did my morning hygiene, had my breakfast, and reluctantly grabbed my go-to shirt and tie. I did make sure my pajamas were fully covered at the top. It was meeting day, and I had a conference call via Skype with my boss and our new client. When I logged in I noticed I had a few minutes before the start time and I figured I’d take a few hits on my vape pen.

Before long the meeting started and I realized since I was home, I probably wasn’t offending anyone by vaping during the call. The more they talked the more hits I could take. Monday morning wasn’t so bad after all. Suddenly my boss pulls me into a private conference. “Tim, do you mind? We’re getting a high pitched squeal every time you take a hit. It’s quite disturbing.” Oh my, they could hear something through my headset? I never thought I could put away my best 3 in 1 vape pen so fast.

I was humiliated, my boss was humiliated and we were both lucky the client had the patience to finish the meeting. When the call was done I sent a written apology to my boss. I could only imagine he thinks I’m using the vape pen while I deal with customers on my own.

Sometimes working from home can be a little too comforting. We must keep all aspects of our business professional and be mindful not to engage in any other activities while on conference calls and especially Skype. I kept my pen, and I only use it during my downtime. It’s my favorite, it’s convenient and it’s the best 3 in 1 vape pen I could find.