The .458 SOCOM Ammo at AmmoPile

The .458 SOCOM Ammo at AmmoPile

.458 SOCOM Ammo at AmmoPile is one of the greatest modified weapons in history. It resembles the M-16 rifle commonly used in the military. It has 40-70 cartridges, and it is effective during operation since it has a suppressor. And it is a solution for home defence. It has muzzle velocities that are relatively below 1000 fps. Hunters mostly use the weapon due to its subsonic power. It is effortless to reload the rifle as far as you don’t change the position of the shoulder. Its practical shooting range is about 200 yards; this is a good range for a good hunter.

Advantages of .458 SOCOM Ammo at AmmoPile


It has a STANAG magazine, and it has a lot of energy, for example, it has 6.5 Grendel. It is fully compatible with the M4 system. You can change the chamber and the bolt from the outside and buying the 458 system would be the best choice although mil-spec varies. Unlike most of the rifles, .458 SOCOM only the upper chamber needs to be changed; you need to give details to the custom builders, and the chamber will be replaced.

Terminal ballistics

Its bullets are topped with over 600 grains which can force a bullet 2400 ft. It is an incredible rifle with outstanding features that are indisputable. If you have Rhinos and bears tearing your field, the 600-grain cartridges are the real deal. The ballistics are available to most online shops, but if you need, customized Ammos find them from Graf and sons’ industry.

Disadvantages of .458 SOCOM Ammo at AmmoPile

It is costly

This is not a conventional weapon that anyone can get in the shop and acquire. Its features distinguish it hence its price. It isn’t easy to find .458 SOCOM Ammo under $3 per cartridge. Additionally, since it can only support 10 seconds fill up, it would not be suitable for general use.

The STANAG magazine fills up quickly

.458 SOCOM Ammo mag was planned to hold its stack in a compact model. For example, a 30 round Mag will hold the STANAG for only 10 seconds. Additionally, its suppressor needs specialized equipment because some AR suppressors do fit with this riffle.

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.458 SOCOM Ammo is an indisputable weapon, easy to use and effective for both home defence and hunting. The compatibility aspect distinguishes the rifle from other weapons. Although it is expensive, it is worth the price.